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My List of Betas approx 1967-1969

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1 old Beta on Fri May 07, 2010 11:17 pm

Pat Koch was the big brother of Denny Sipe and also Prez

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2 thanks for remembering the late 60's on Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:45 pm


Just logged in and saw my name......I was HONORED!!!

Thanks for remembering.

Phyllis LaMantia Grembi

3 My List of Betas approx 1967-1969 on Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:58 pm


Feel free to edit or add as you see fit:

Rock Ed
Soufak Sonny
Ables James
Bogda Pete
DiRocco Tony
Fazekas Chuck
Gaydos Steve
Goga Gerry
Grau Joe
Kalinowski Stan
Kardos Don
Kreminski Stan
Krysanick Bob
Lacey Joe
Lydon Jim
Malloy Tom
Miles Anthony
Modzelewski Paul
Nath Charlie
Palaschak Dan
Pokrifka Rich
Prince William
Rentler Bob
Ribovich Michael
Riley Jack "Zeke"
Rowsick Anthony
Rueter Bill
Rudzik Richard
Saxe Rich
Seaman James
Sipe Dennis
Snyder James (HB)
Slovonic James
Wagner Bob
Pelligrini Dante

Jo Dolson spent lots of time with betas
Barb Midler spent lots of time with betas
Suzi Liwak spent lots of time with betas
Mary Jo Czarneki spent lots of time with betas
Phyllis Lamantia spent lots of time with betas
Mary Ann Lamantia spent lots of time with betas
Patty Kriscunas Sweetheart
Marilyn Demattis Sweetheart emeritus
Debbie Barone Carnival Lead
Romanowski Jim
Domencic Rich
Disque Dave
Kail Steve
Karauski Bob
Laver Jim
Murphy Ed
Slifko Paul
Matesevac Bill
Croker Rich
Hickey Dennis
Priori Gerald
Bruff Clyde
Bamford Tim
Murphy Tim (HB)
Debone Louis
Franks Jim
Carroll Frank
Stepanik Dennis
Mahler Tim
Picconni Pat
Scialabba Sam
DeCrose Bill
DelCorso Steve
Machi Frank
Tragesser Ron
Tolan Mark
Hopper John
Hopper Joe
Rieland Bill
Petrone Angelo
Slavonic Don
Rodgers Pat HB 2/18/10 (can't believe I missed Pat; thanks Ang)

Alton Robert
Barzyk John
Bertha Bill
Betz Randy
Byrne Jim
Cenname Joe
Voelker Fred
Rogan Tom
Dougherty James
Harmon Ed
Jarosz Mitch
Knorr Ed
Marchick Nick
May Dan
Murphy Dave
O'Donnell Steve
Szczypinski Ed
Uhrin John
Stanko Dennis
Thomas Regis
Kranik Andy
Ritchy Joe
Strauss Ed

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