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My Pledge Book

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1 My Pledge Book on Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:39 am


I found it! Here are the brother's pages listed and a few of the unedited things they wrote

James Ables
Pete Bogda "3 demerits for insolence"
Anthony DiRocco "2 demerits for forgetting Dante & Fuzzy"
Charles Fazekas
Steve Gaydon (My Big Brother)
Gerald Goga "That's it!!" (I was bad I guess)
Joe Grau "Interview Sandy Cypher (B*B) by Friday
Stanley Kalinowski (Can't read what he wrote Wink
Don Kardos
Stan Kreminski
Robert Krysanick "You're a very good pledge" LOL
Joeseph Lacey "If you screw a broad make sure I don't know
her for she may accuse me"
James Lydon
Thomas Malloy
Anthony Miles "Interview Kathy Rafalko (B*B) & calculate the area
of bite-ability
Paul Modzelewski My name is NOT Fishmouth, it's MOTOR mouth"
Charles Nath
Dan Palaschak "you are stupid"; Interview Nancy Muller
, Joann Mosca (B*B) & Pledge Dorothy (Sigma Chi Delta)
Good Pledge
Rich Pokrifka Find out what my name means in English
William Prince
Robert Rentler "You have shit for brains; too bad you had
to ghost, Bob"
Michael Ribovich
Jack Riley
Anthony Rowsick
William Rueter
Richard Rudzik
Richard Saxe "My name is SAXE!!!! Don't forget it
my name is RICH!!! SAXE!!!!
James Seaman
Dennis Sipe "I'm NOT FAT ; U R Stupid"
James Snyder (Honorary Brother)
James Slavonic
Robert Wagner "too slow; get on the ball"
Dan Pellegrini

Other assignments in back of book
1 Find out who is the "Beta Baby Doll" and get signature ... Bo
Angela M DelAssandro signature below
2 Meet the following B*Bs: Kathy Rafalko, Sandra Cypher, Nancy
Ellen Demple, Barb Midler, Nancy Vilsack &
Beth Rentsakler
Here is a list of pledge brothers. It was a huge class and I'm going from memory so excuse mistakes:
Rich Domencic
Dave Disque
Steve Kail
Bob Karausky
Jim Laver
Ed Murphy
Paul Slifko
Bill Matecevak (Spelled wrong)
Rich Croker
Dennis Hickey
Gerry Priori ?? may be next pledge class
Clyde Bruff
Tim Bamford
Lou Debone
Jim Franks
Frank Carroll
Denny Stepanik
Tim Mahler?? may be next pledge class
I'm missing a few; I think there may have been 17-19
some of these could be from later pledge groups as well.

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